In The Quiet was developed from a vision, after pondering the question: How I can help, how can I serve? From years of experience, training and dedication I am here to share how I succeeded in reducing stress, pain and anxiety. At the heart of my vision, may all who enter find inner peace, joy, compassion, love and understanding. 

Today, more that ever many are seeking alternate modalities for re-connecting to their true self, some with short-term success. 

 No matter what your physical or biological age, the potential to optimize your vitality, and reconnect with your inner child is possible. 

*In the Quiet* is a spiritual sanctuary for would-be and experienced mediators. Here we integrate ancient energetic teachings through the Sciences of Yoga and QiGong, both involve gentle movements for unlocking unbounded benefits for greater potential and wellness.    

 Are you ready and willing to raise your vibration?

Lynn C. Pell, Cl. H.,  ~ Soul-Preneur of In the Quiet. 
Chopra Certified Instructor, Ayurveda Vedantist ~ Yoga Therapist, QiGong Practitioner.    
"A Tiny Part of Something Big"

Primordial Sound Meditation

Reasons why it is worth learning to meditate:

  • Manage stress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Connect more deeply to Spirit
  • Enhance sleep patterns
  • Improve relationships
  • Balance blood pressure
  • Create inner Peace
Monthly we host an 'Introduction to Meditate' workshop.
For dates and times, please visit our calendar. 

        Ayurveda & her Sister Sciences
    Daily Meditation
    Breathing Room
    The Science of Life ~ Essential self-care: solutions to harmonize wellness. 
    Shamanic Sessions - Spirit / Body Connection, based on the  
    Kabbalistic Tree of Life
    Chi Gong
    Eases tension & reduce doshic imbalances.
    Energy Medicine Yoga 
    There is an old saying, " Progress only happens though a process." 
    When we engage energetic practices such as Ayurveda, pranayama, asanas postures &/or  Chi Gong, one can positively nurture and replenish inner peace.
    *Group and Private sessions are available on request*
    The Mystical Tree of Life
    The tree, derived from the Mystical Qabalah represents the paradox of "the Many and the One". Each sphere or Sephiroth quality is likened to the archetypes behind all our human activities. The Spiritual Source; the principles of Force and Form; Love & Justice; the Integration of the Christ Force; Aesthetics & Logic; the dynamics of the Psyche; and finally the Manifestation of Life on Earth in the physical body. 
    In the Quiet ~ Offerings
    Silent Meditation ~ free 30 minutes, donations accepted 
    A.M. Surya Sun / YOGA 90 minutes - please reserve 
    QiGong  Chi Energy
    75 mins / Bundle rates available
    Explore Zen (Therapeutic) Yoga$20  Reservation is required<<<
    Spacial YogaSingle $20 + seniors reduced rate <<<
    Chair Yoga Single $18  Bundle Rates available<<<
    Savasana / Yoga Nidra
     Duration 45 mins. / Props provided 
    PRIVATE One-to One Sessions
     60 to 90 minutes sessions / Cost from:
    Body Matrix Repatterining
    60 to 90 minutes  /  Cost from: 
    Shaluha-Ka Shamanic Healing
    60 to 90 minutes / Cost from: 
    Kanza Ayurvedic Oil Treatment
    60 to 90 minutes / Cost from: 
    Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage
    90 minutes 
    Primordial Sound Meditation - Adult
    Workshops 3-4; 90 minute sessions 
    Primordial Sound Meditation
    Cancellation fee
    Primordial Sound Meditation - Private
    Private Workshop - individual except Military
    Primordial Sound Meditation - Students
    High School, College or University Students / Full-Time 
    Primordial Sound Meditation - Over 65
    Active Living (Seniors) 
    Primordial Sound Meditation - Veterans
    Military personnel and or Veterans 
    Corporate & Speciality Group Workshops
    Happy to Negotiate
    Ayurvedic Assessment
    Duration 90 minutes 
     Book a private or small group session. Corporate workshops available.      
    Need more information?   Call me: (705) 268-9881
    Let's connect.
    Lynn C. Pell , Cl. H., Chopra Certified  
    Vedantic ~ Ayurvedic Practitioner
    273 Pine South
    Timmins, ON P4N 2K8
    1 (705) 268-9881

    Heart warming!

    K. C. "A message to those that have yet to experience the love, joy and knowledge that Lynn has to offer. Take a leap of faith and trust that if you are reading this post, you are equally guided to experience the gifts she has to share. What a blessing you are to everyone. She is a person that you will know is gifted with deep wisdom, knowledge and friendship beyond anything you could imagine.

    Congratulations Lynn on this majestic journey of peace, health and awakening that you reflect out to the universe."

    "Thank you Lynn for all you do! Thank you for introducing me to Primordial Sound - Mantra Meditation" C.B.

    C. W. "Good morning Lynn and thank you so much. Have I told you how nice it is to have you in my life. You are an inspiration, a breath of sunshine. Just so you know, you help us all pass on a little cheer to each other when we have forgotten to take the time. Your remain us how important it is to be Thankful. You have made my life truly blessed." 

    Blessings Abounding

    G. F. "Thank you for your thoughtfulness, overwhelming support and undying love through the past months of my fight. Please understand that you have brightened my bad days, your optimism gave me the strength to stay positive and fight on, and your compassion made my good days amazing.  YOU GAVE ME A REASON! By creating memories that I will cherish forever, you have helped me grow throughout this adventure! I am grateful to have you in my life. Love,"


    W. C. "Lynn, Thank you so much, I feel better everyday because of you! Love,"

    K. McD. "We are blessed to have her here to help us on our journeys."

    S. G. "Congratulations Lynn ! Many thanks for your guidance , you have truly help me stay clear on my vision. Definitely an amazing teacher and a women of wisdom. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"


    S.H. "Can't thank you enough, for being who you are and for the positive lessons sent to you for me."


    P.R. "Dear Lynn, What a blessing that I have met you! The sessions that you shared with me changed & enriched my life. Thanks! Looking forward to future sessions! Hugs,"

    N.L. "Thank you so much for your generous heart and teachings. I am very grateful."